Aux frontières de l'humain - At the borders of the human

Horaires: 17:30 - 19:30
Lieu: ULB Campus Solbosch - Salle Delvaux (bâtiment F1)
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The Future of the posthumanities

A Lecture by Rosi Braidotti (Utrecht University, NL), author of The posthuman (Polity Press, 2013).

This lecture will begin by defining the posthuman turn in the contemporary Humanities in terms of the convergence between post-humanism and post-anthropocentrism. It will address posthuman scholarship not as a symptom of crisis, but rather as a vital regeneration of the field. Prof. Braidotti will accordingly draws a critical framework to understand the emerging field of the posthumanities. What are the parameters that define posthuman subjects of knowledge? What is posthuman ethical accountability in scholarship? The lecture proposes a cartography of the different posthumanities and explores their interaction with other interdisciplinary critical “studies” areas, notably gender and postcolonial studies.


How to make music with an artificial intelligence

A 20 minutes performance of Martin Daniel (playing keyboards) and A.I. Duet, from Google Lab (playing itself). 

It is said that machines are slowly turning into proto-humans destined to replace traditional  workforce in every field imaginable, including the most creative ones such as literature, music and arts. Where do we stand today on that regard? Interacting with A.I. duet, one of the latest creation in musical artificial intelligence, Martin Daniel tries to answer that question by blending human creativity into the world of the machines that will supposedly integrate live bands in the future.


The event will be followed by a drinks reception